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Did you know that upon purchasing your Mini whether new or used, an option not found in the window sticker or the bill of sale is your adoption into the MINI FAMILY?


We encourage you to join our FAMILY!


We are one of hundreds of Mini Cooper clubs nationally.


Mini Cooper clubs allow like-minded Mini owners to experience a realm of activities that take us well beyond the use of our vehicles to get us from point A to B.


Our clubs plan group drives and visits to many exciting locations. We go out of our way to find the roads less traveled, taking in the spectacular scenery and the many unique points of interest along the way.

Welcome to the Southern Colorado Club of Mini Cooper enthusiasts.​
We are a group of Mini owners in the Southern Colorado area.


We also work closely with our neighboring clubs, Mini5280 (Denver), and MiniCOW (Colorado/Wyoming), further expanding the possibilities for fun times across the entire state of Colorado and Wyoming. You will find information on our brother/sister clubs on this site.

We encourage you to join this site, SOCOM club membership is free.

Site members have access to our calendar of events, our club’s forum, and more.

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